EEC15 - Deliverability Reigns Supreme

The major themes of this year’s #EEC15 in Miami focused on deliverability, engagement, personalization, and how ISPs measure email reputation. For the first time in EEC history, ISP deliverability teams provided a glimpse into why and how they decide to block senders, as well as what actions can help marketers build reputation for inbox placement.

How ISPs decide inbox placement

Did you know that ISPs don't look at clicks when evaluating a sender's reputation? (We didn't.) Or that an AOL user marking a message as spam twice will cause all future messages to be placed in the junk folder? ISP deliverability teams shared some of their challenges and provided actionable advice on email marketing goals.

Email Deliverability vs Sender Reputation

"One of the major disconnects I’ve seen between senders and receivers is the idea that engagement is a single measure. Quite the contrary, senders are not privy to the metrics that receivers are and vice versa, there may be some attribution, analysis through web behavioral data, that leads to a very different picture of engagement on the sender side." - Len Shneyder

Seriously, Responsive Email

Until Next Year!

Image Credit: Fadil Basymeleh

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