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Email Deliverability – Better Than the Hottest Date

While content and design matter, drawing in the subscriber is the first step and the subject line is the first hook. So determine how to increase the number of people who open your emails, click links within them, and share your content with others.

Do you know why your email open rate is low? Here are 4 reasons

If you find that your open rates are lower than the industry average, you may have a problem that needs to be fixed.

This Week In Email March 28th 2016

We’re back this week with interesting reads that will prove helpful in your email marketing endeavours. We’re going to jump right in with some email marketing predictions for 2020, then the next stop is learning how to create mobile-friendly email and in the last two articles we will study some interesting email user habits. Let’s get started!

Building and Maintaining a High Quality Email List

List quality plays a huge role in deliverability and whether or not your emails reach the inboxes of your most valued customers. Low list quality can result in high bounce rates, numerous spam complaints, and a damaged sender reputation. Download DataValidation's Guide to Building and Maintaining a High Quality Email List.

This Week In Email March 7th 2016

In this edition of This Week in Email, we share with you predictions on what changes are coming to email marketing in 2016, a recap of updates and new regulation made regarding email privacy laws, a list of powerful words to improve your email campaigns, and insights on the right number of emails to send to subscribers.

5 Important Things that Affect Email Delivery & How You Can Overcome Them

While list quality and reputation account for much of email deliverability, several tips can jump-start a staggering email push. In this guest post, Sophorn Chhay of Trumpia, will explain important factors that affect email deliverability and how email marketers can overcome them.

This Week In Email February 3rd 2016

In this edition of This Week in Email, we share with you the most common email marketing predictions for 2016, look at the importance of doing a beginning of the year audit of your email campaigns, get the CAN-SPAM act in a nutshell, and learn how to deal with apparent DMARC authentication inconsistencies.

5 Reasons You Should Never Purchase Email Lists

It is pretty common that shortcuts end up being rougher and more complicated, both literally and figuratively. Email marketers who want a shortcut to a large customer database often use the promising shortcut of purchased email lists. It seems at first that it’s much easier and cheaper to just pay for a list of email addresses than taking the conventional route of opt-in acquiry. Theoretically, you simply purchase the list and start sending. In reality, taking this shortcut will not only prove highly inefficient, but it might as well lead to a dead end for your e-mail marketing journey.

How to Optimize Your Email Deliverability and Maximize Your Email Marketing Revenues

In this guest post, Julia Gulevich of G-Lock Software, explains how to build and maintain a good sender reputation. She'll walk through the proper sending infrastructure that ensures great deliverability, and explain how to maintain email lists and how to handle recipient actions such as bounces, unsubscribes and enagement. The objective of this post is to ensure that when you're sending mail that people want, they will get it; and if they do not want it, you will know where the problem is and how to fix it.

Increase Engagement With List Segmentation

The most important tool you can use for targeted email campaigns is segmentation. This week, we will take a more in-depth look at ways your email campaign can benefit from segmentation. First, to make everyone understand what segmentation is, it’s a procedure of splitting your email address list into different categories based on well-thought criteria. To put it bluntly, the purpose of segmentation is to send different email to different people. This is obviously a great opportunity for increasing the relevancy of your campaigns.

This year’s record-breaking Thanksgiving

In this edition of This Week in Email, we share with you some statistical data regarding email activity during Thanksgiving week from two of the most reputable ESPs out there: MailChimp and Constant Contact. Both ESPs boast with breaking records for emails sent during this period of time. Next, we share with you two articles that talk about why it’s important to have a high-quality email address list: how to obtain it, maintain it and restore it when necessary. We hope you will find all of them helpful and informative.

5 Questions to Ask Before Sending Holiday Campaigns

Assessing engagement and cleaning your list of undeliverable addresses is the first thing you should do prior to sending holiday campaigns. While it’s true that email conversion rates increase considerably during the holidays, this won’t happen if your email list is stale!

Using Targeting for More Effective Email Marketing

There are many factors that determine the success and conversion of your email marketing campaigns. This Week in Email explains how important targeting is, the benefits you reap from the efforts you put into campaigns, and how to optimise your campaigns through targeting.

5 Advantages of Using an ESP

Without a doubt, using an Email Service Provider can maximize the efficiency and productivity of an email marketer. However, many SMBs still use their own email clients, such as Gmail or Yahoo, to send mail, even though these are not specifically designed for creating and executing email marketing campaigns.

4 Ways to Get Your Holiday Emails Soaring

Holiday email campaigns can be tricky. There's a lot of time and preparation that goes into creating just the right emails for the season! Here are some tips to get your email campaigns soaring to new heights. This week we discuss holiday email campaigns, maximizing ROI, creative email design, and Gmail's new 'block' functionality.

Aweber ASCEND SUMMIT 2015 Recap

AWeber's ASCEND SUMMIT 2015 featured some of the best speakers in content marketing, social media, lead generation, and email marketing. We heard speakers from companies like LinkedIn, Unbounce, Heyo, Litmus and CopyBlogger. Topics covered included content marketing and strategy, social media, lead generation and email marketing.

Why Quality Matters More than Quantity

Quality often trumps quantity, and the same holds true for your email list. Having engaged subscribers is far more important than having a large mailing list of inactives. In fact, a large mailing list of unengaged recipients can lead to a slew of problems. This week we discuss list hygiene, reengaging inactive subscribers, getting blocked by an ESP, and Gmail's new 'block' functionality.

10 Tips To Avoid Spam Filters

There are a few wrong steps you can take that will cause your newsletters to land in spam folders rather than inboxes. Following a few basic rules of email marketing will add to your reputation as a trusted sender and avoid these problems. Here are 10 things you can do to help make sure that your messages end up where you want them to be.

How to Make Fewer Subject Line Mistakes

The subject line is a subscriber's first impression of your brand, but the success of those 50 characters goes far beyond the first touch. A successful subject line can lead to building and maintaining a relationship with your subscribers. An uncompelling subject line can cause spam complaints, a lack of engagement, and eventually deliverability problems. It's important to understand why your users aren't engaging with your messages, and to ensure you are using the proper metrics to measure your email marketing success.

10 Benefits of a Clean Email List

Email verification and email list cleaning has many benefits. Users who regularly use an email verifier or validation service experience lower bounce rates, increased conversion, increased email ROI, and more accurate campaign statistics. In this slideshare, we discuss the benefits of using an email list cleaning service as part of your overall email deliverability strategy.

5 Deliverability Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Deliverability is ever-changing so it's important to constantly review the basics. In this weekly roundup, we revisit spam traps, old email lists, no-reply emails, inbox placement, marketing metrics, and email design. If you missed The Email Design Conference (TEDC15), check out the fantastic synopsis by Mike Nelson of Really Good Emails. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of email deliverability advice, email marketing best practices, and inbound marketing news.

How Important is Email Deliverability to Your Holiday Season ROI?

Did you know email authentication made headlines last week? In this weekly roundup we discuss the importance of email authentication, steps to take before launching your holiday marketing campaigns, and the perils of purchased email lists. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, inbound marketing news, and tips on email list health. Enjoy articles from Dyn, Only Influencers, MessageGears, MailJet, and RetailDive.

How Your Email Service Provider Protects Deliverability

What separates a great email service provider from a mediocre one? Getting more email messages in the inbox. ESPs do this by providing excellent deliverability for email marketers. An ESP protects deliverability for its customers by vetting new marketers prior to onboarding and enforcing strict guidelines around sending email and maintaining email lists. Deliverability is an ESP's livelihood, but keeping users in compliance can cause friction in the ESP/email marketer relationship. Often times, friction begins when the marketer is onboarded to a new ESP, and can continue throughout the entire lifecycle of the email marketer.

10 Expert Insights to Boost Your Email Deliverability

True or false: there is a specific list of things that will accomplish great email deliverability, if followed to the letter. While there are plenty of best practices that can help improve your deliverability, it is never 100% in your control. Your deliverability fate rests in the clicks of your subscribers, how ISPs measure inbox placement, shared IP reputation, your ESP, and your sending infrastructure, just to name a few. Oftentimes we don't recognize deliverability problems until the damage is done. Chris Arrendale of Inbox Pros, Steve Henderson of Communicator Corp, and Brad Gurley of WhatCounts share their thoughts and insights into email deliverability and email marketing best practices.

How Funky Christmas Sweaters Increased Email List Quality

In efforts to reduce costs with their ESP, and increase engagement, conversions and deliverability, Funky Christmas Sweaters decided to get rid of all of their stale email addresses.

Deliverability Troubleshooting Guide for AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud

Deliverability is a moving target, and understanding why your mail doesn't reach the inbox isn't always clear. By understanding how certain ISPs filter email, you can ensure your messages are optimized for deliverabilty. Whether you are experiencing deliverability problems with an ISP or you want to learn best practices for achieving optimal deliverability, this guide can help you navigate AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud inboxes.

3 Keys to Improve Email Inboxing

This weekly roundup highlights bounce code documentation, recipient engagement, ISP spam filtering, and includes tips from Alice Cornell of on improving email deliverability. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, and tips on email list quality. Enjoy these articles from FreshMail, AVARI, and Marketing Tech Blog.

5 Articles to Chalk Up Sender Reputation

Learning the history of email can help you understand how ISPs and ESPs measure your sender reputation. This weekly roundup focuses on the importance of maintaining a good sender reputation, and reviews how email is delivered to the inbox. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, and tips on email list quality. Enjoy these articles from Word to the Wise, Derek Harding, Benchmark Email, ClickZ, and AWeber.

3 Articles to Help Improve Email Deliverability

In this week's segment, we highlight FAQs around purchased email lists, list validation services, and common deliverability issues. This Week in Email is a weekly digest of industry news, email deliverability tips, and inbound marketing best practices. Articles from WhatCounts, EliteEmail, and ReturnPath cover email hygeine, sender reputation, and non-permission based email lists.

The Deliverability Series - Brad Gurley

In this segment, Brad Gurley shares how his team provides deliverability services at WhatCounts, his recommended email delivery best practices, and his thoughts around the ongoing email engagement conversation. The Deliverability Series is a collection of conversations intended to shed light on the intricate nature of email deliverability and compliance.

How Flashissue Improves Deliverability with List Hygiene

If you’ve ever experienced deliverability problems, you know that there is no "fix it fast and forever" button. Rather than work through the problems, some email senders resign to give up their email program all together when they run into deliverability issues.

Is Your Email Marketing Following These Best Practices?

In this weekly roundup, we discuss the perils of purchased email lists, being overly salesly, and keeping inactive subscribers on your list. Scroll to the bottom for some fresh content ideas. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of email deliverability news, email best practices, and tips to improve your email marketing. Enjoy these articles from Word to the Wise, Litmus, Benchmark Email, and WhatCounts.

5 Ways to Overcome the Spam Blues

From learning to embrace spam filters to educating your subscribers on whitelisting, this weekly roundup includes insight from Return Path, Word to the Wise, Pinpointe Marketing, ClickZ and Message Systems. *This Week in Email* is a digest of email marketing news, email deliverability tips, and cool ESP products and features.

4 Tips for Highly Effective Email Marketers

From lead generation to switching email service providers, this week's roundup highlights list hygeine tips, optimizing for mobile, and leveraging content for opt-ins. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of industry news, email marketing tips, and cool products and features. Enjoy these articles from Flashissue, YesMail, GetResponse, and Unbounce.

5 Ways to Freshen Your Email Marketing

From IP health to marketing buzzwords, our weekly roundup covers deliverability basics, newsletter best practices, and the relationship between a preheader and open rates. *This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of industry news, email marketing tips, and cool products and features. Enjoy these articles from ReturnPath, MailUp, Only Influencers, WhatCounts, and HubSpot.

Introducing Email Assurance for MailChimp

Ongoing maintenance of email subscriber data is essential to reaching the inbox and upholding a great sender reputation. This holds true for both email marketers and email service providers. We build integrations and APIs with the belief that email list maintenance should be transparent, ongoing, comprehensive, and proactive. As a fellow Atlanta-based company, MailChimp was an ideal choice for our first ESP integration.

4 Articles to Kickstart Your Email Marketing

*This Week in Email* is a weekly digest of industry news, email marketing tips, and cool products and features. Enjoy these articles from MailChimp, Vertical Response, iContact, and Jeanne Jennings from ClickZ. Topics covered in this roundup include cart abandonment, shareable content, and optimizing open rates.

A Fresh Look on an Age-Old Problem

Think about the last time you had to validate an email list. What was that process like from start to finish? You probably had to export your lists from your email account, create a master list, backup the master list, format the file, research email verification service providers... What if all you had to do was link your email service provider account?

The Deliverability Series - Steve Henderson

In this segment, Steve Henderson shares insights on UK email standards, email delivery best practices, and what needs to change in the email marketing space. The Deliverability Series is a collection of conversations intended to shed light on the intricate nature of deliverability and compliance.

EEC15 - Deliverability Reigns Supreme

Email deliverability is constantly evolving and was the hot topic at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, Florida. At this year's #EEC15, ISPs shared insight on how sender reputation is measured and what actions decide future inbox placement. These insights shattered commonly held beliefs in the email marketing industry.

Evolve or Die - Fighting Email Entropy

Entropy is defined as a lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder. With disorder comes the inevitable: things will eventually fall apart, and the email you send is not immune to that. Don't send email to a list for 6 months, and you're going to have a slew of bounces. Marketers may clean lists before sending, but this approach disregards the ever-changing state of an email list and doesn't provide complete information on the value of an email address.

The Deliverability Series - Chris Arrendale, Part 2

The Deliverability Series is a collection of conversations intended to shed light on the intricate nature of deliverability and compliance. Chris Arrendale is a Software, Email Marketing and Deliverability professional. He’s a known expert for problem solving in the email deliverability, privacy, and software space and is also an active member of multiple email organizations. Arrendale is the CEO & Principal Deliverability Consultant of Inbox Pros and has worked as a Deliverability Expert at several reputable consulting firms and ESPs.

Free Email List Monitoring + Win an iPad

One of our core beliefs at DataValidation is that you should always know the status of your email lists for free. For years we have provided the Always Free Email Assurance Report for any email list uploaded to our service. While that provides transparency into the current status of a list, it doesn’t solve the problem of *always* knowing the health of your email lists.

The Deliverability Series - Chris Arrendale, Part 1

The Deliverability Series is a collection of conversations intended to shed light on the intricate nature of deliverability and compliance. Chris Arrendale is a Software, Email Marketing and Deliverability professional. He’s a known expert for problem solving in the email deliverability, privacy, and software space and is also an active member of multiple email organizations. Arrendale is the CEO & Principal Deliverability Consultant of Inbox Pros and has worked as a Deliverability Expert at several reputable consulting firms and ESPs.

Maintaining a Healthy Email List

Email service providers spend countless hours creating knowledge base articles, webinars, and tutorials intended to educate email marketers on industry best practices. Constant Contact recently released "How to Maintain a Healthy Email List" discussing the importance of regular cleaning and list maintenance.

10 Tips to Revitalize a Stale Email List

It may have come as a surprise that you need permission to send email to others. What’s even more surprising, is that your permission to send actually goes bad, and must be reconfirmed! If you fail to email your subscribers, or if they fail to engage with your efforts, you lose permission to send email to them after 3-6 months. This is one of the most common ways an email list can go stale in a matter of months. Another way this can happen is that your subscribers change email addresses or simply provided you with one that they never check.

Do I Have Permission to Email You?

According to several studies, 30% of recipients click the spam button for marketing emails...even if they specifically requested content from the sender! All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have different thresholds for spam complaints, but a .01% spam complaint rate can easily get you blacklisted. ISPs like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others, will no longer accept and deliver your marketing emails, meaning you will not be able to send to subscribers at those ISPs. Because your sender reputation is attached to your IP address, it is incredibly difficult to get removed from a blacklist without changing Email Service Providers and setting up new IP addresses. Rather than obsess about what to do if you get blacklisted, be on the offensive by implementing email list maintenance best practices. Don't get marked as a spammer by always having permission, and ensuring your subscribers remember when they gave you permission to email them.

How Recipient Actions Affect Your Sender Reputation

Earlier this week I received an email from someone recommending his latest blog post. It wasn't an email campaign or a marketing message, just an email from one person to another recommending content. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. I never gave this person my email address nor permission to email me. If you received unsolicited mail from someone you didn't know, what would you do? Like most of us, you would probably immediately delete the email and/or mark it as junk. Fortunately for this sender's reputation, I responded and asked him where he got my email address and permission to send to me. He apologized profusely. "This isn't spam, I personally saw your tweet and thought you'd like my article as it was similar to what you tweeted about in the past."

If You Love Your Subscribers, Let Them Go [Part 2]

Making the decision to send a reengagement campaign is tough because it involves letting all of those uninterested “leads” go. If you’ve decided it’s time to kick your inactive subscribers to the curb, then you are half way there. You now see all of the benefits clearly, and you're in the right place! It's time to create a sweet reengagement campaign. These campaigns have the ability to clarify what type of content your subscribers love, when they want to receive it, and how frequently. Not only do these campaigns give confirmation of your email marketing efforts, but, more importantly, they help to keep a highly responsive and engaged email list. Making the move to keep your lists as up-to-date as possible has the ability to strengthen your email testing, on-boarding process, and overall communication with customers.

If You Love Your Subscribers, Let Them Go [Part 1]

You may already be thinking, “Why would I want to tell my subscribers goodbye?” It probably sounds like a poor idea; but you may have to if you don’t keep your email list updated. What if you had to throw out your entire email list and start a new one from scratch? If you’ve been continuously sending email to inactive subscribers, it may be time for a change. If you continue mailing to an unresponsive list of emails, your deliverability will be significantly affected. The chance of reaching your customers’ inboxes is greatly reduced. Essentially, you will keep sending to the same ‘ole list and hope you don’t get blocked. If you care about your sender reputation, losing 10% of your email list is more beneficial than getting high complaints or unsubscribes. It is much easier to gain new subscribers than repairing a damaged sender reputation. A reengagement campaign targets subscribers who are inactive with the intent to either awaken subscribers or remove them from your email list permanently.

Screw My ESP, I'm Sending My Campaign Through Gmail

Are you trying to decide whether to use an email service provider to send marketing emails? Are you frustrated with your ESP? Have you been blocked from sending email? If you’re thinking, “Screw my ESP, I’m going to send campaigns through Gmail”, you should reconsider. There are several major issues with sending marketing messages through Gmail.