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How to use MailChimp to import and validate your email lists

Our MailChimp integration allows you to easily import your email lists, validate and export the validation results back to MailChimp.

What you need to get started:

  • a DataValidation account
  • a MailChimp account with email lists

Getting started

You can also signup directly with MailChimp and authorize us to access your MailChimp account. Just input your login credentials and you’re good to go. Signup

Linking a Mailchimp account

To get started, login to your DataValidation account and click on Import Lists. Import lists

Then, select Link an ESP account and click on Link with Mailchimp. Link with Mailchimp”

You will be redirected to the MailChimp login page and asked to input your login credentials. The window will close and DataValidation will connect to your MailChimp account. Link with Mailchimp

A few seconds later, you will see that your MailChimp account has appeared in the import sources list. After you click on it, you will see all your Mailchimp lists. Select the ones you want to import and click on Import selected lists. Once imported the list will be analyzed and validated just like an uploaded list. MailChimp lists

Validating your email lists

Once the import finishes you will receive the Free List Quality Report with a score from 0 to 100 which represents the overall health of your email list and a Grade Breakdown. Free List Quality Report Free List Quality Report

To sync the validation results back to your MailChimp account, you need to purchase the validated email lists. Click on Purchase for x tokens (x represents the number of email addresses in your list). You can add all the lists you want to validate to the shopping cart before checkout.

Complete the checkout and that’s it! Now your validated lists will be synced back you your MailChimp account.

How to use the validated lists in MailChimp

DataValidation will create a Safe to send segment which will contain only the email addresses graded A or A+.

To find the specific segment go to Manage contacts -> View contacts. Safe to send segment

From there, go to View Saved Segments and select Safe to send. Safe to send segment

Here you will see all email addresses graded with A and A+ - our recommendation is to send only to this segment.

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