Autopilot Features

Automatic monitoring

Automatic monitoring

Keep your email lists clean and fresh by periodically monitoring their health. At each monitoring cycle, DataValidation re-checks your lists and offers you a free report on their health.
Free Quality Report

Free Quality Report

Our free quality report helps you assess the health of your list and decide whether to verify it or not. The report contains a breakdown of all your contacts’ grades and an estimate on how many email addresses are deliverable, Catch-All, indeterminate and undeliverable. To access the full report, you will need to verify your list and download the verification results.
Free for up to 100,000 contacts

Free for up to 100,000 contacts

Create an account and monitor up to 100,000 email addresses once a month for free. Just activate the free AutoPilot subscription from your DataValidation account to enjoy email list monitoring at no cost.
Historic data

Historic data

All your previous AutoPilot reports will be available in your account. This way, you can always see how your list’s quality has changed from one monitoring cycle to another. AutoPilot offers you the whole picture, giving you all the information you need when purchasing a validation.
Works great with integrations

Works great with integrations

If you link your DataValidation account with your email service provider or one of the workflow automation platforms we support, you can easily monitor your up-to-date email lists. Whenever you add a new contact to a list, AutoPilot updates it on our servers and monitors the latest version.

List monitoring packs

Monitor up to 500,000 emails for free!
monthly monitoring
up to 100,000 emails monitored
This subscription monitors all of your lists on a monthly basis, up to 100,000 emails.
$9.99 FREE
bi-weekly monitoring
up to 250,000 emails monitored
This subscription monitors all of your lists on a bi-weekly basis, up to 250,000 emails.
$14.99 FREE*
weekly monitoring
up to 500,000 emails monitored
This subscription monitors all of your lists on a weekly basis, up to 500,000 emails.
$19.99 FREE*

Email Verification Service

The best use for AutoPilot is to help you decide when to purchase a verification. If you see the quality of your email list deteriorating over time, verify it to increase deliverability and ROI, and to protect your sender reputation.

Our tiered pricing plan makes it easy to get the best price for your needs. You can also purchase a subscription to get extra verification every month and a discount.

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