Data Protection and Privacy Principles

Alongside our commitment to constantly improve our email verification service, our ongoing efforts are also focused on protecting your data and privacy. We know how important transparency is for our customers and that’s why we are making public the principles that guide our work at DataValidation.

GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of rules that dictate privacy and security standards for data collected from EU citizens. Companies need to adhere to new regulations regarding how data is collected, processed and stored.

We always take your privacy extremely seriously, that’s why the first steps towards aligning ourselves with these standards were implemented before 2018.

Manage your preferences

Our application servers are hosted in the EU and adhere to the new data protection regulations. Our verification servers are hosted internationally, but you can now choose the verification servers’ region upon request. Contact our Customer Support team for more details.

We are also adding the ability to control which newsletters you get from us. Now you can choose what newsletters you want to receive.

You can now view and update your personal information, as well as delete your account. You can see and manage the new setting from your Profile Settings.

What changed with our email verification service

As a Data Collector, we have implemented the following options:

As a Data Processors, DataValidation now has:

Updated Policy Links: