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For email service providers

We build integrations and APIs to enhance the onboarding and monitoring of users, as well as provide valuable insight throughout the entire lifecycle of an email marketer. Our comprehensive daily analysis provides a granular view into the exact quality of an email list. You receive historical, subscriber-level data that can be used to augment your current compliance and deliverability monitoring solutions.

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Onboard Users Smarter

Automate your current vetting process and make informed onboarding decisions with a granular view into a user's email data. We provide an overall score for each list, as well as historical deliverability data for each email address on the list.


Access More Intelligent Data

Our comprehensive email data goes beyond just identifying if an email address is valid. Emails are given a grade of A+ to F based on the historical deliverability and engagement of the address, and are then analyzed daily for new information.


Maintain Pristine Deliverability

Protect your deliverability by constantly monitoring email list quality and proactively removing undeliverable addresses before they bounce. You've worked hard to protect your reputation as an ESP. Don't let one bad sender affect your deliverability.

Email Assurance Complete

Integrate Email Assurance

Email Assurance is a compliance solution for the entire lifecycle of a user. Our API is easy to integrate and flexible enough to meet the needs of any ESP. Use the API to supplement your current efforts, or to fully automate the onboarding, monitoring, and remediation of users. Set your own compliance standards and maintain control of the decision making process.

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Committed to empowering good senders

In 2012, we became aware of unaddressed needs in the email marketing industry. We didn't know what was wrong, but we knew something wasn't right. Email validation, list cleaning, and the email hygiene industry was broken. We founded with the belief that there should be a comprehensive and ongoing solution to deliverability and compliance issues that's self service, priced fairly, customer centric, and integrated with your current email tools.

In Fall of 2013, acquired and launched Email Assurance, the next generation of email deliverability and compliance. We will continue to push the envelope in terms of the value we deliver and set the industry standard for email marketing deliverability and compliance. Our team is the right mix of smart, creative, and crazy to continue innovating the email compliance industry.

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