Integrate DataValidation with AWeber and clean email lists faster

To make it easier for AWeber users to protect their account from being blocked and to help them increase deliverability, DataValidation offers a native integration to easily clean your email lists. Keep your AWeber in compliance with anti-spam policies and make sure your lists are always fresh and up-to-date using our email cleaner. Link your AWeber account to DataValidation to get started.

Integration flow

Let us figure out which contacts from your AWeber account are valid, while you can focus on getting the most out of your email marketing efforts. Simply integrate your AWeber account with DataValidation and start boosting your results. When using our reliable, fast and secure email cleaner with AWeber you get:
  • Import lists
    Importing your email lists from AWeber is just a few clicks away. Save time and get more things done!
  • Get the free QualityFree
    DataValidation offers a free Quality Report each time you import a list from AWeber. It contains a grades breakdown for all the contacts in your list. You can assess the health of your list even before verifying.
  • Segment lists
    Once you have purchased the verified email list, it is time to create a segment inside AWeber, so that your campaigns are sent out only to the contacts DataValidation has marked as valid.
  • Lower bounces
    In order to stay in compliance with AWeberโ€™s anti-spam policies, we help you eliminate from your list emails that bounce. You will immediately improve your sender reputation and deliverability of your campaigns.
  • Increase metrics
    Having a clean AWeber email lists will mean that you will send emails only to valid contacts. That, in turn, will increase email marketing stats, such as open rate or click rate. DataValidation makes sure that you only contact valid email addresses.
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