Integrate DataValidation with HubSpot and clean email lists faster

Stay in compliance with anti-spam policies and verify your HubSpot email lists using DataValidation’s powerful native integration. We help you protect your sender reputation and maintain a fresh and clean mailing list by using our email verification service. Start now by linking your HubSpot inside the DataValidation app.

Integration flow

Having a list of only valid email addresses is every marketer’s goal. Boost your email marketing efforts by integrating your HubSpot account to DataValidation. Here’s what you get when using our powerful, fast, reliable and secure email verification service for cleaning email lists:
  • Import lists
    Get started with importing email lists directly from HubSpot with just a few clicks. Never download and upload lists again!
  • Get the free List Quality Report
    To help you assess the health of each list you import from HubSpot, we are offering a free Quality Report. Use it do determine the quality of your list even before purchasing.
  • Segment lists
    After verifying your email list, you can start to send out campaigns only to valid contacts. Do that by creating segments inside HubSpot.
  • Lower bounces
    DataValidation helps you stay in compliance with HubSpot’s policies by removing email addresses that bounce. Doing so will help you improve your sender reputation and deliverability. It will also protect your account from being blocked by HubSpot.
  • Improve metrics
    Cleaning your HubSpot lists will lead to improved results, both in terms of open and click rates. By only using valid emails you make sure that you are only contacting real people.
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