Integrate DataValidation with PieSync and clean email lists faster

PieSync is a two-way, real time contact syncing platform that helps you keep your data up-to-date. Integrating PieSync with your DataValidation account contributes to maintaining your email lists constantly verified. Unlike Zapier, PieSync will sync your contacts automatically, not just when a trigger creates an action. Make sure that your mailing lists are always clean and fresh by using DataValidation’s native integration with PieSync


DataValidation users can use the powerful PieSync app to seamlessly sync contacts between our app and another app of their choice. There are over 120 web-based tools to pick from. Our native integration empowers you to stay on top of your email lists, without worrying about constantly uploading them to our email verifications service. Connect available apps from PieSync with DataValidation to get:
  • Two-way contact integration
    Whether it’s an email service provider, your CRM platform or an invoice provider, you can easily verify new contacts with DataValidation. Sync back the verified data to keep your lists up-to-date.
  • 360° Customer View
    Sync contacts and verified lists easily to multiple apps, so that you can always be in control of your data. There is no limit to how many apps you can connect with DataValidation using PieSync.
  • Share results with your team
    It’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses need overview regarding the company’s workflow. With PieSync you can easily share cleaned email lists to members of your team. That way, your sales team will always be aware of the changes to your marketing database. The options are endless and you can determine how your data gets shares, to help your company grow.
  • ESP integrations
    DataValidation’s focus on providing native integrations with various email service providers is an ongoing one. But if your ESP of choice is not yet on our integrations list, you can use PieSync to streamline your contacts and verify them easily.
  • Monitor results
    Your verified email lists from DataValidation can be synced seamlessly to any of the available apps on PieSync. Use this flexibility to assess your marketing or sales results. Monitor the results of your efforts and decide whether or not you are achieving your goals. Afterwards, adjust your strategy to constantly improve your efforts.
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