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Am I in danger of being blocked?

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There's nothing worse than being blocked from sending email right before deploying an email marketing campaign. To avoid the stress of suspended delivery, or no delivery at all, we recommend taking a proactive approach to ensure your email list is always deliverable. Here are warning signs that you are in danger of being blocked, and how to prevent this from happening.

Signs you may get blocked

  • High bounce rates - Are many of your emails being returned to you after sending to them? You'll want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible to ensure the best email deliverability. If an email is not deliverable, it should be removed from all of your email lists to prevent bounces.

  • Damaged IP Reputation - A sender's IP Reputation is the main factor in determining whether you can send email or not. Your email service provider monitors your IP reputation, and ISPs (like Gmail or Yahoo) use this reputation to determine if your message is delivered to the inbox. Think of your IP reputation as a credit score for your email deliverability.

  • New email data - If you've recently added new emails to your list, there's always a chance that some of the addresses are undeliverable. Before sending email to newly added subscribers, make sure the emails are deliverable to keep bounce rates down.

  • New campaign deployment - If you are deploying email to a new list, a list that hasn't been emailed in more than 2 months, or a large subscriber list, we recommend cleaning before sending to these lists. If you have been collecting email data on your list for a while, there's a good chance emails on it are undeliverable. If you have never emailed subscribers that signed up months (or years) ago, list cleaning is vital before sending email.

  • Declining list quality - If you've noticed an increase in bounces, haven't emailed subscribers in more than 3 months, or have received new emails from single opt-in forms, it's likely that your email data quality has declined. Emailing a stale list can result in high bounces and complaints, and damage your IP reputation.

  • Warming up an IP - Warming up an IP Address is a gradual process. You are building a trusted reputation with ISPs (like Gmail and Yahoo), which increases the likelihood your email will be delivered to an inbox. Volume is an important factor, and you will only want to send to email addresses you are positive are deliverable. Increasing your email volume over time, and only mailing clean addresses makes the warm up process much smoother.

How can I prevent email list quality from getting me blocked?

If you need to know your list quality immediately, link an ESP account or upload a .csv file to DataValidation. After you import your lists, we'll begin to analyze your email list(s) for deliverability. Once the process is complete, you can view a Free Email Assurance Report and overall list score.

If your list needs to be cleaned, add it to the cart to purchase a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance.

How can I monitor email list quality over time?

Once you have linked your ESP account to DataValidation, you receive free daily monitoring for all of your imported lists. Once a day, new lists in your ESP are imported, and your existing imported lists are analyzed for deliverability. You can view a Progress Report for any imported list to see changes in its deliverability. This empowers you to make informed decisions based on the health of your email list over time.

If you need to clean one or more email lists, add them to the cart and purchase a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance. Once your cleaned lists have been purchased, you'll be able to access a downloadable Address-by-Address analysis. This report shows you the Email Assurance grades and historical deliverability data for all subscribers on your list. Learn more about Email Assurance Grades and Deliverability Codes.

Use the interactive Dashboard to view the status of your imported lists over time. Sort information by ESP account, list status, list score, and date.

If you have questions or need assistance, please talk to us on LiveChat or email for more information.

How do I get free monitoring for my email lists?

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