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I got blocked by my ESP, what should I do?

###This article is not longer up to date, please go here.###

We're sorry to hear you've been blocked by your email service provider. Having your account suspended is never pleasant, but don't worry, we can help fix this problem! Getting your email lists cleaned, or validated, is the first step to being compliant with your ESP's standards. With our self-service platform, you can get back in compliance and protect your account from being blocked due to poor email data.

###* How can I start sending email again? *###

DataValidation offers two products - one to help you start sending email again and another to maintain your email list, keeping you in good standing with your ESP. The One-time Tuneup is a comprehensive email validation and list cleaning service. You can import lists by linking a supported ESP account or uploading a file. Each list includes a Free Email Assurance report, which is an overview of the quality of the email list. By adding a list to the cart and purchasing a One-time Tuneup, you will receive a cleaned email list and be able to get back in compliance with your ESP.

Best practices state that you should have your email list cleaned at least once every 3 months. If you want to protect your deliverability and keep a good IP reputation, focusing on ongoing email list maintenance is essential. It is possible to have an email list cleaned then get blocked by an ESP again in only a few months.

To avoid being suspended from sending email, we've designed a service specifically for ongoing email list maintenance! Email Assurance automates email list maintenance, helping you stay in compliance and protect your IP reputation by removing bad email data daily.

###* How do I get started with ongoing list maintenance? *###

First, you'll want to link your email service provider account so that we can access your lists. Your lists will be analyzed for deliverability issues related to each email address. When we're finished with your list(s), you can access a free report card for each list containing insight into the percentages of deliverable and undeliverable email addresses on your list.

After viewing your reports, you'll have the option of purchasing a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance. To ensure that your lists within your ESP account are protected, the Email Assurance option is chosen by default.

As of January 2015, our platform supports MailChimp, Emma, AWeber, SendGrid, MailUp, and MailGun. Any of these accounts can be linked to DataValidation and be eligible for an Email Assurance subscription. If you have an email service provider or marketing automation platform you would like for us to integrate with, please reply in the comment section below or reach out to us at

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