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Why can't my ESP clean my email list?

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Most email service providers help marketers design campaigns, deploy email, manage subscribers, and track campaign performance, such as bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes. However, if you run into deliverability and email data issues, you will likely have to use another service to clean your email list.

"Our tools focus on maintaining subscriber information, bounce data, and unsubscribes as a way to maintain list health over the life of a campaign. If your list needs to be validated, we recommend using tools and services specifically designed for list cleaning.

Internet service providers (ISPs), anti-spam groups, and corporate email protection services set specific thresholds regarding spam complaints, undeliverable mail, and unsubscribe requests. As a bulk delivery service, we're required to enforce these thresholds. Doing so helps us maintain our sending reputation and high deliverability standards, which helps ensure that your emails reach your subscribers.

If you send a campaign through MailChimp to an old or stale list, you may see a high number of spam complaints, undeliverable mail (bounces), or unsubscribes. These can raise red flags in our system and lead to account warnings or even permanent account suspension."

Why We Don't Clean Email Lists,MailChimp

Regardless of what email service provider you choose, anyone can take advantage of our Free Email Assurance Report. Upload any number of .csv lists, or link a supported ESP account, to view the overall health of your email list data. If a list needs to cleaned up, or it looks like the data is starting to degrade, you can purchase and download the cleaned list immediately.

DataValidation works closely with ESPs. If you use MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid, MailGun, MailUp, or Emma you have the ability to link an account and monitor every list within your account for free!

Customers with linked accounts can take advantage of an Email Assurance subscription. With Email Assurance, any lists within your ESP account are analyzed on a daily basis and updated with the most recent information on each email address. Rather than clean your email lists every few months, an Email Assurance subscription keeps you in compliance, protects your deliverability, and prevents bad email data from affecting your campaign statistics.

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