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DataValidation's Email Verification FAQ

FAQs on DataValidation Pricing, Email Validation, and the Free Report.

Do I have to sign up with a credit card?

No, you do not need to input a credit card when signing up for DataValidation to start using our email checker. You can quickly create an account and upload an email list for free. You can also signup with an email service provider account - like MailChimp. We analyze each email list and provide you a free report on the health of the list.

Do I need to pay before analyzing my data?

No, you do not need to pay before having an email list verified. Upload a .csv list or link an email service provider account, have your list analyzed, and view your Free List Quality Report before you buy! The free report is generated based on a sample of your email list and indicates the overall health of your list. We believe you should always know the health of your list prior to purchasing it. You only pay to access the cleaned email list and Address-by-Address analysis with the appened verification grades and codes.

How do I know how much my list will cost?

Email lists are priced on a per email basis. You can easily calculate the cost using our pricing page. The price per email goes down as the list size increases according to our pricing tiers.

Is there a minimum price I have to spend?

Yes, there is a minimum price for check-out to verify your email list. If your list is smaller in size and does not reach the minimum price, you can purchase the smallest token pack ($3.50 for 500 tokens) and the leftover tokens will be in your account to use for future lists.

Are there requirements my list file must have?

There are no requirements on the size of your list; our system can handle lists of any size. Lists imported from a file must be in a .csv format with a single sheet, and all emails should be in the first column with no additional data in that column. You may have additional data fields in other rows in the file, and these will be returned to you in your Address-by-Address analysis.

How long does it take to verify my mailing list?

The time it takes to verify your list is based on the number of emails you have in the list and how busy our system is at that moment. Generally, it takes only a couple of hours to verify. Some of our users experience turn around times as quickly as 30 minutes for small lists. Depending on your email service provider, it may take an hour or more to import all of your lists and to complete the analysis.

How do I use your service?

You can create an account by signing up with an email address or linking an email service provider account. Upload a file or import a list from your email service provider account. Once they have finished processing, you can view the overall list score(s) and a Free List Quality Report for each list. Use this to make an informed purchase decision before cleaning your email lists.

How is my Free Report "always free"?

With DataValidation, you can upload a list at any time and get an Free List Quality Report. This report is always available for your viewing - no purchase necessary! Upload as many lists as you need to check the deliverability status by using your Free List Quality Report. It's always free to know!

What kind of information does the Free List Quality Report tell me?

Your Free List Quality Report is based on a sample of your email list and indicates the overall health of your list. Purchase your list to get an Address-by-Address analysis containing deliverability grades and appended verification codes for each email.

Why should I verify with DataValidation?

With our self-service platform, you can easily upload lists of any size and link an email service provider account with ease. The verification process is fast, comprehensive, and provides you with an always Free List Quality Report to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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