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DataValidation Pricing

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Pricing for One-time Tuneups (aka Email Validation) at

###One-time Tuneup Pricing###

Emails Cost per email
0-10K $0.007
10K-100K $0.005
100K-500K $0.003
500K-1M $0.002
1M-2M $0.0015
2M++ Talk to us!

One-time Tuneup (Email Validation)

All One-time Tuneups include a downloadable Address-by-Address Analysis. This has all of your email addresses, and corresponding Email Assurance Grades and Deliverability Codes, including Historical Engagement (Clicks, Opens), Historical Bounces, Historical Complaints, Historical Opt-Outs, History of Deceased, and History of Spam Traps.

For linked lists, Email Assurance grades are synced back to your ESP and F results are automatically unsubscribed. You receive 30 days free of Email Assurance.

When you purchase a One-time Tuneup and check the Assurance box, you will receive the full Email Assurance package, which includes a monthly Email Assurance subscription, to be billed once the 30 free days have passed.

A One-time Tuneup is required to upgrade to an Assurance subscription.

Email Assurance (One-time Tuneup + Subscription)

Email Assurance is the full package! Your first purchase of Email Assurance includes the cost of a One-time Tuneup, and 30 days free of Email Assurance. Following the free 30 days, you will be billed based on the total number of subscribers in your Assured lists. You can review this in your account under 'Active Subscriptions'.

With Email Assurance, all Assured lists are analyzed and synced with your ESP daily. New subscribers are updated and F results are unsubscribed (optional). You can view a daily Report Card, see your Progress Report over time, and download an updated Address-by-Address analysis daily.

Always Low Email Assurance Pricing

Emails Assured Cost per Month
0-4K $10
4K-20K $20
20K-50K $40
50K-70K $80
70K-300K $100
300K-600K $300
600K-1.2M $500
1.2M-1.6M $700
1.6M-3M $1000
3M++ Talk to us!

*Please note that you cannot receive an Email Assurance subscription without first purchasing a One-time Tuneup. You have 30 days to upgrade to the subscription.

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