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What do I receive during the 30 days free of Email Assurance?

###This article is not longer up to date, please go here.###

Email Assurance is DataValidation’s deliverability and compliance monitoring service offered to clients with accounts linked to an ESP account. When you link an account, you automatically have Free Monitoring.

###Free Monitoring includes:###

  • All lists are analyzed for deliverability

  • A Free Email Assurance Report for each list

  • Daily Report Card

  • Progress Report for each individual list over time

  • Aggregate Score of All Email Lists

  • Monitor multiple ESP accounts

When you purchase a linked list, you receive a 30 days FREE of Email Assurance. This free trial includes all services normally rendered to paid subscription users. You will have 30 days after purchase to upgrade to an Email Assurance subscription for free.

###30 days free Email Assurance includes:###

  • Compliance monitoring for all email lists in a linked ESP account

  • New emails within linked ESP accounts are analyzed and synced daily

  • New lists are analyzed and receive Free Monitoring and free report

  • Updated Email Assurance grades are automatically synced to your linked list(s)

  • Invalid emails are automatically unsubscribed (optionally)

  • Daily Address-by-Address Analysis with detailed deliverability codes

  • Daily Progress Report updates displaying historical list data

  • 24/5 Help and support from our awesome Customer Advocates

If this is your first time purchasing, and you choose to add a list to an Email Assurance subscription during the 30 days free trial period, it will be billed 30 days after the initial purchase (or at the end of the trial period). If you have previously purchased Email Assurance, and choose to upgrade an unassured list during its 30 days free trial, it will be added to the next Assurance bill following the trial period.

You are only billed once a month for your Email Assurance subscription, approximately 30 days from your first Assurance purchase. You will be notified by email 3 days prior to charging your account for your Email Assurance subscription each month, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

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