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What is an Email Assurance Subscription?

DataValidation’s Email Assurance subscription is our monthly deliverability and compliance monitoring service offered to clients with accounts linked directly to a supported ESP account. DataValidation monitors lists and analyzes new data daily, so you always know the status of the data on your lists. Never get blocked by taking advantage of this email list maintenance subscription.

How do I get Email Assurance?

Import, analyze, and monitor email lists for free with Free Monitoring. When you decide to purchase, you’ll have the option of purchasing a One-time Tuneup or an Email Assurance subscription. With every One-time Tuneup you’ll receive 30 days free of the Email Assurance subscription, and you’ll have the option of upgrading anytime during your 30-day trial. Email Assurance can be purchased on a per-list basis.

How do I cancel my Email Assurance subscription?

To cancel your Email Assurance subscription, view all active Email Assurance subscriptions from the Active subscriptions page located in the navigation bar on the left. If you would like to remove a list from your Email Assurance subscription, click “Remove” next to the particular list. Lists within the 30 days free trial period can be removed and added at any time, but will be finalized at the close of the trial period, and any lists remaining on your Email Assurance subscription will be added to your next bill.

What data do I receive with Email Assurance?

When you login to the app, you are taken directly to your Interactive Dashboard. Here, you can see the history of all linked and imported lists over time. View an individual list’s Report Card for a List score and grade breakdown. Open a list’s Progress Report to see its progress overtime, daily checks, and weekly checks. The progress report is only available for imported lists.

With the purchase of any list, you will receive a downloadable Address-by-Address Analysis, containing Email Assurance grades for each address and the deliverability codes that make up each grade. Email Assurance grades are added/updated in your linked ESP account for all new data daily, and existing data weekly.

How often is my data analyzed?

New subscribers added to your ESP account are pulled into our system and analyzed daily. View daily reports, list scores, and lists’ progress overtime in your account. Because addresses determined to be Indeterminate (and given a grade of D) are ambiguous in nature, we check these daily as well, giving them the opportunity to upgrade to an A or downgrade to an F.

In addition to Daily Checks, we perform a comprehensive analysis of all data in your lists in a Weekly Check. These checks take into account engagement history of email addresses, giving addresses with grades of A the opportunity to upgrade to A+.

All email addresses that receive F grades are automatically unsubscribed from your list when results are synced back after your first verification. Results are synced back to your ESP daily, and you can then chose to have emails with F grades unsubscribed, or left on your list(s) to then segment or manually unsubscribe within your ESP account.

How often is my ESP account scanned?

DataValidation scans your ESP account daily for any new data. You’ll receive a Free Email Assurance Report daily with the results, which will also be synced to your ESP account.

How frequently is my list updated and synced back to my ESP?

When you purchase a imported list though a One-time Tuneup, subscriber data is synced back to your ESP account immediately and you receive 30 days free of the Email Assurance subscription. For 30 full days, you’ll receive everything that comes with the Email Assurance subscription for your purchased list.

If you purchase the Email Assurance subscription for a list, your ESP account is scanned daily for new email data and updated that day. All existing data goes through additional comprehensive scans weekly and your ESP account is updated on a weekly basis as well. Depending on the size of your list, syncing back to your ESP may take several minutes to an hour or so.

How do I know the last time my ESP account was updated?

You can confirm the most recent update/sync to your account from within your ESP’s platform. Each ESP has a different location for this information.

You can also confirm the most recent sync with your ESP by viewing a purchased list’s Report Card and clicking “Progress Report”. Above the graph, you will see the name of the linked ESP, the list name, and the date last synced with your ESP account.

Can I remove Assurance from a single list?

If you want to remove the Email Assurance subscription from individual lists you can do so in the Active Subscriptions tab on the left-hand navigation.

What happens if I delete an Assured list from my ESP account?

If you delete a list from a linked ESP account that was previously covered by the Email Assurance subscription, it will no longer be covered. If you delete a list from a linked account, we no longer have access to the data, and will therefore no longer be able to provide any data concerning the addresses on your list. Do not delete lists from your ESP account that are covered by Email Assurance.

What happens if I add emails to an existing list within my ESP account?

All new and updated subscriber data added to your ESP account will be pulled in during the next daily Email Assurance run, and updated with Email Assurance grades in your ESP account. You are allowed a generous monthly list growth of 30%, and you will be invoiced if you exceed this.

What happens if I add a new list to my ESP account?

Every new list within a linked ESP account will be pulled in during the next daily Email Assurance run. All lists receive Free Monitoring and you’ll have the option of purchasing a One-time Tuneup or an Email Assurance subscription for any new list added.

What happens if I unlink my ESP account?

If you have purchased Email Assurance for a linked ESP account, you should not unlink this account. By unlinking, your account no longer has a connection with DataValidation, and we will not be able to provide Email Assurance for any imported lists under this account.

Can I have multiple ESP accounts under the same Email Assurance subscription?

You have the ability to link multiple ESP accounts to the Email Assurance application. Any lists that have the Email Assurance subscription will be invoiced together based on total number of subscribers at end of the monthly billing period.

Email Assurance is only offered to customers with a linked ESP account. If you have an account with an ESP that is not included in our current list of integrations, email us at [email protected].

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