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How are emails validated?

What is the email verification process?

When you link and ESP account or upload a .csv file to your DataValidation account, your lists will begin analyzing right away. Once the lists have been completed, the list report card will show you the overall list score as well as a breakdown of what percentage of each grade is within your list.

After viewing your list results you can purchase a One-time Tuneup for your list. For unlinked lists you will be able to download an Address-by-Address analysis to use with your preferred ESP. For linked lists your results will be automatically synced to your ESP list.

How do you perform email validation?

We perform several checks and verifications to determine whether an email address is deliverable or undeliverable. To find out if an email is valid, we do a DNS verification and MX lookup, conduct an SMTP check, access our internal database, and use proprietary algorithms.

During email verification we ask certain questions like:

Does the email address...

  • contain the necessary elements to be an email address, like an @ and correct punctuation for hostname?

  • have a valid hostname (

  • have a verifiable DNS and valid email server?

  • contain a valid local part (ie.

  • contain less than 254 characters?

  • have a mailbox that can be reached?

  • belong to a server that accepts all email?

  • have a history of engaging with emails?

  • have a history of bouncing?

  • have a history of opting out?

We then perform additional deliverability and compliance checks.

All of the information we receive in the Address-by-Address analysis is what determines whether an address is deliverable or not. This is how we return to you Email Assurance Grades of 'A+', 'A', 'B', 'D' or 'F'.

Still have questions about how we validate emails? Chat with us or email .

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