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How does this service work?

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If it's time to cleanup your lists, our self-service platform will analyze them and get you back in compliance. Don't let bad email data compromise the quality of your email marketing any longer. It's free to signup with DataValidation - all you have to do is create an account. No credit card necessary. Once you've signed up, you'll receive an email welcoming you to the family.

Getting Started FAQ

Our self-service platform allows you to import a list directly to our system from a file, or link a supported ESP account.

Once your list has entered our system, it will start processing immediately. Generally, lists can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to process; this process time depends on your list size and how busy our system is.

How Are Emails Validated?

Once your list is finished analyzing, you'll receive another email informing you that your list is ready. From here, you can login to your DataValidation account to access your Always Free Email Assurance Report. We recommend reading through our Knowledge Base for insight into the information provided by your report.

What does the Free Report tell me?

Your Always Free Email Assurance Report provides you with Email Assurance Grades and the percentage of emails within your list that fall into each grade category. These grades are determined based on the Deliverability Codes provided in your list's Address-by-Address analysis.

Understanding Your Email List Results

If you decide to have your email list cleaned, you'll have the option to purchase a One-time Tuneup or purchase Email Assurance. A One-time Tuneup is a one-time cleaning of your email list, providing you with a downloadable report. If you've linked an ESP account to our system, your results will be synced back to the ESP list at the time of purchase.

Email Assurance FAQ

The Email Assurance grades and Deliverability codes are available in your downloadable report. For linked lists, the Email Assurance grades will be appended to your ESP lists and synced back following purchase. Once you've downloaded your Safe List you're ready to go! If you linked an ESP, you must segment your list before deploying a campaign.

How does my clean list get re-imported to my ESP?

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