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How to start using the New DataValidation Platform

Our new platform has been recently launched and all customers will have to use this platform.

How do I start using the new email list cleaning platform?

Simple! Your account info is already set up! You will need to simply log in to the platform using your existing login information and start verifying! If your account details have not been transferred yet, you will have to sign up and create a new account.

What about my email lists, what will happen to them?

Email lists that were in your old platform account will not be transferred over to the new platform. You can start using a fresh account in our updated email list cleaning platform.

What does this mean, what happens to my lists?

We always recommend keeping a copy of your original list, so you should already have that backed up. Any data that was in the old platform has been completely removed.

When you need to verify a new list or re-verify an existing list, simply add them to your new account!
If you have any questions, our support team is here to help! You can talk to a customer advocate on LiveChat or send us an email to:[email protected].

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