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How do I update my DataValidation account information?

Need to access our email list cleaning service or are searching for how to update your DataValidation account information?

You can review your account information on the Profile Settings page, which can be found in the navigation bar, as well as the drop down menu below your username in the top right corner. Your username is your primary email address, and is associated with the password you provided either at initial sign up with an email address, or when you signed up with a linked email service provider account.

In Profile Settings you can change your password or update personal information such as your name, website, or address.

Personal Information

You can review and edit your personal information from the Profile Settings page by clicking the “Update info” button in the lower right corner. This includes your contact information, VAT number for European companies, personal or business website, and company name.

If you initially signed up with an email service provider account or later linked one, your personal information is automatically imported and entered into the fields provided. If your personal or contact information is for any reason different from the information supplied upon sign up, please provide your correct information here. If your contact information changes, please update your account as soon as possible in case we ever need to contact you about a purchase.

Update or Change Password

You can update your DataValidation account password from your Profile Settings page at the beginning of the "Personal Information" section. Please provide us with your current and new password and click on the "Update Password" button.

If you have forgotten your current password, we will need to send you a password reset email in order for you to regain access to our email list cleaning service.

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