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Everything to Know about the Email Assurance App

This article is not longer up to date, please go here.

DataValidation has just released the new Email Assurance app! Here's everything you need to get started in the new app.

Signup by Linking an ESP account

The app allows you to signup with a MailChimp, AWeber, or MailUp account. When you signup with an ESP account, all of your lists are automatically imported and your DataValidation account is created. Important: If you signup by linking an ESP, you must login with the ESP.

Once you have signed up with an ESP, you can link additional ESP accounts from inside the DataValidation app, including MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid, Emma, MailUp or MailGun. Important: You should only signup once, then add additional accounts from within DataValidation.

Signup with an email address

When you signup with an email address, you will receive an activation link via email. Once you click the activation link, you will be directed to set a passowrd.

Your account is now live, and you can upload .CSV files, or link a MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid, Emma, MailUp or MailGun account. Each list imported will receive a free report, including a list quality score and Email Assurance grades. Important: If you receive a 409 error when attempting to link an ESP account, it means this account has already been linked. You may have signup up with ESP, and now need to login with ESP.

Linked and Uploaded Lists

Once you've imported lists, you will use the Imported Lists and Uploaded Lists tabs to manage your lists. Imported Lists include all email lists from linked ESP accounts. You can view progress reports over time and filter based on list details.

Uploaded Lists include your imported .csv files. Uploaded lists receive an initial free report, but cannot be monitored over time for deliverability.

Report Cards

Each list is given a List Quality Score on the front of the card, and a breakdown of the Email Assurance grades on the other side. Cards vary slightly for imported lists and uploaded lists. Features unique to Imported List are in italics.

The front of each Report Card shows:

  • Date the list was imported to DataValidation

  • Number of current subscribers on the list

  • List Quality Score

  • If purchased, a green download button

  • ESP Account

  • ESP Account details

  • Days remaining in an Assurance 30-day trial

  • Whether a list is Assured/Not Assured

The back of the Report Card shows the breakdown of Email Assurance grades (A+ to F).

By flipping over the card, the back of the Report Card shows:

  • The percentage of emails that have each Email Assurance grade

  • A description of each Email Assurance Grade

  • Date of the list's latest verification

  • Number of current subscribers

  • Link to Progress Report

Adding Lists to the Cart and Purchasing

Once your list has finished processing, and you have viewed your Report Card, you can purchase your email list verification results. Add a single list to the cart, or add multiple lists with the upper right checkbox.

For imported lists, results are automatically synced back to your ESP list. F graded emails are unsubscribed, and the other grades are tagged to the corresponding contacts/subscribers.

With every purchase you receive a downloadable Address-by-Address analysis with detailed deliverability codes for each email address. This analysis contains deliverability data that makes up the Email Assurance grade given to a particular address. This downloadable report has Email Assurance Grades, Historical Engagement (Clicks, Opens), Historical Bounces, Historical Complaints, Historical Opt-Outs, History of Deceased, and History of Spam Traps. Look here for more information on the Address-by-Address Analysis.

You also receive a Safe list to download, containing only A+ and A graded emails. Download your results by clicking the green icon on the upper left of the list card.

Purchasing Imported Lists

If you have a linked MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid, Emma, MailUp or MailGun account, your purchase of a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance includes an automatic update of your list and 30 days free of Email Assurance. Your grades are appended to your email list, and F results are unsubscribed. Assured lists are analyzed and grades are updated back to your ESP list daily.

Depending on your ESP, you may need to create a "Safe" segment, and only mail to the A+ and A grades.

MailChimp users, create segments and deploy only to your Safe subscribers.

AWeber users, create segments and deploy only to your Safe contacts.

You can download the Address-by-Address analysis for more detailed deliverability information on your contacts. This downloadable analysis is updated with the daily Email Assurance analysis.

Progress Reports

This is only available for Imported Lists. On the back of a Imported List Report Card, you can click on Progress Report to see the List Quality Score over time.

The Progress Report view shows:

  • List name

  • Current List Quality Score

  • Current number of subscribers

  • Date the list was imported to DataValidation

  • ESP account details

  • Date grades were last synced to ESP list (occurs at purchase, daily during Assurance)

  • Data points with Email Assurance Grades

  • Calendar view to see progress over time

By clicking on the first data point you can see what your list looked like at the time of import, with details on the percentage of emails that have each Email Assurance grade. You may need to adjust to calendar view as the default view only shows the past 2 weeks.

Your imported lists are scanned once a day to check for newly added subscribers. Any new lists in your ESP are also imported at this time. As individual list data changes, the List Quality Score will trend in the corresponding direction. It's free to monitor your lists for as long as you like.