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How are Imported Lists and Uploaded Lists Different?

Email List Verification for Uploaded Lists

When you link an account, you can choose which mailing lists are pulled in from your email service provider and analyzed. You will be able to view the overall List Score for each list, found on the front of the report card.

Once you purchase a one-time tuneup for a list, the results of that list will be automatically synced back to your email service provider account. The verification grades will be synced back to the original list within your email service provider and you can then unsubscribe all F-graded emails from the list. You also have the option to download an Address-by-Address analysis as a .csv file for each list. Please take note that when you download the .csv file from an imported list, only the email addresses will be found in the list, no extra data that you might have in your email service provider list.

Email List Verification for Imported Lists

If you do not have a linked email service provider account, or you wish to upload a file manually, you can upload and check your mailing lists as a .csv file, and they will automatically be analyzed for deliverability.

Once the list has completed and is ready to view, you will be able to see the overall List Score for each list and review each individual listsโ€™ Report Card.

Once you purchase a one-time tuneup for your list, you will receive a downloadable address-by-address analysis.

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