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What does the Free Report tell me?

For every list uploaded or imported in our app, our email verification tool will offer a Free Quality Report prior to purchasing.

After uploading/importing you will notice a Report Card with some info. Most important is the List Quality Score on the front of the card and the breakdown of the Free Report grades on the other side.

Free Quality Report

On the front of the Report Card you will see:

  • Name of the uploaded/imported email list and number of current subscribers
  • Your List Quality Score
  • A button to see a grade breakdown of the Free Report
  • If purchased, a green download button
  • Email service provider Account (if you imported the list)

On the back of the Report Card you will see your Free Report breakdown (A+ to F).

By flipping over the card, the back of the Report Card shows:

  • The percentage of emails that received each grade from the email verification tool
  • If you mouse-over a specific grade, you will see a short description and what is our recommendation for it

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