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How do I link an account to DataValidation?

###This article is not longer up to date, please go here.###

DataValidation currently offers integrations with these ESPs: MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid, Emma, MailUp or MailGun.

To sign up for an account with DataValidation you have the option of 'Signup with ESP account' or 'Signup with email address'.

###Signup with ESP account###

If you are looking for detailed information on a specific ESP, we have articles explaining how to link

If you signup with ESP, you will be taken through a series of authorization screens. Once inside the app, we will prompt you to create or confirm your email address. This email address will be used for all account communications, so please ensure this is your primary email address. This is not used for marketing purposes.

All of the lists inside your ESP account are imported and analyzed. You can view the list progress in Linked Lists. Depending on the size of the list, and how busy our system is, your lists may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to validate.

###Linking an account inside the app###

Once you've logged in to the app, you can link additional ESP accounts by clicking on the large + icon on the top left of the screen. DataValidation will pull in lists from any of the available ESP integrations currently supported under the “From Account” tab.

You can also link an account by selecting Linked Accounts from the left navigation bar. Here you will see any accounts that are currently linked, as well as the option to unlink accounts and disable sign-in. Select “add accounts” from the upper right corner, and choose from the list of currently supported ESP integrations.

###What happens when an account is linked###

By linking an account, you give DataValidation permission to access all of your email lists from a particular ESP for analysis. MailChimp, MailUp and AWeber users can link an account on the sign-in screen; SendGrid, Emma, and MailGun users will need to sign up with an email address and then import lists through the use of an API Key.

Once linked, all of your lists are pulled into our system and analyzed. Depending on your ESP, the import and analysis can take anywhere from several minutes to a couple hours. Once the analysis is complete, you will have the option to purchase and sync the results back to the corresponding ESP account.

Would you like to request an ESP integration? Chat with us or send an email to

Please note: If you have signed up with an email address, you should link additional ESP accounts from within your DataValidation account and not from the app signup page.

If you are having trouble, or need assistance, please chat with one of our Customer Advocates before unlinking your account.

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