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List Formatting - Mac

It is important to save your list in the formatting that is suitable to upload to our mailing list cleaner service. Your file must be in .csv formatting, comma delimited and UTF-8 text encoding. Please refer to the following steps when converting your list from Excel to .csv (Mac OS 10.11.6).

How To Edit Your File:

1. Click File, the third drop-down option, on the menu bar. Then click Save As.

Save File

2. Change the File Format to ‘CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)’ then choose Save.

Save As

3. Check your delimiter settings.

Be sure to check your delimiter settings as well. Sometimes, the delimiter could be set to semi-colon rather than comma. First, close your Excel File (save any changes first). Click the ‘Apple icon’ in the menu bar, then click ‘System Preferences’. Choose ‘Language & Religion’, then ‘Advanced Settings’.

Delimiter settings

Be sure grouping is set to comma (,) and the Decimal separator to a full stop (.) Reopen your file and proceed back to step 1.

Decimal separator

4. Remove any trailing spaces.

Does your email column contain trailing spaces? Remove any spaces before uploading your list for verification on our mailing list cleaner tool.

Remove trailing spaces

To remove any spaces within the sheet, click ‘Edit’ at the top menu bar, Find and then Replace.

Remove spaces within the sheet

The ‘Find & Replace’ menu will appear. In the box that says, ‘Find What:’ enter only one space. Leave the ‘Replace with’ box empty. Click ‘Replace All’ to remove all spaces within the sheet.

Replace spaces in file

After clicking ‘Replace All’, a pop-up will appear showing the number of spaces removed from the sheet. Click ‘close’ to return to the sheet. Your data should no longer contain any spaces. Now, click File, the third drop-down option on the menu bar. Then click Save As, change the ‘File Format’ to ‘CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)’, then click Save.

Replace all

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