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How do I segment Safe emails in a CSV?

###This article is not longer up to date, please go here.###

Once your list has finished analyzing and you’ve purchased either a One-time Tuneup or an Email Assurance subscription, you have the option of downloading an Address-by-Address Analysis.

Your Address-by-Address Analysis will contain each email address previously in your imported list, along with an Email Assurance grade for each address and corresponding Deliverability Codes.

If you purchased a One-time Tuneup for your email lists, you’ll need to download the Address-by-Address Analysis and send to the ‘Safe’ emails only! Emails that are always Safe to are those that have Email Assurance grades of A+ and A.

If you choose to deploy mail to the Accepts-All or Indeterminate addresses, you need to send these through a separate campaign. Please note, we do not recommend sending to these addresses.

To send to the ‘Safe’ addresses only, you’ll want to filter them from your downloadable Address-by-Address Analysis.

After filtering out the addresses with grades of A+ and A only, save this list as your ‘Safe’ list and you’re ready to deploy mail!

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