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How to purchase AutoPilot Lite

AutoPilot Lite allows you to monitor the quality of all email lists from your account at a specified interval of time: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

This step-by step tutorial will guide you through the purchase & activation process.

  • 1. Login to your account and choose the Autopilot section from the left side menu. Autopilot tab
  • 2. Select the Autopilot package that best suits your validation needs. You can choose from 3 predefined packages (Small, Medium or Large) or create your own package. Autopilot option
    Please keep in mind that autopilot will monitor all the lists from your account (both uploaded & imported or via API).
  • 3. Complete the checkout and that’s it! Autopilot checkout

After each Autopilot cicle is completed, you will receive an email with a report of your monitored lists.

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