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How do I add or edit merge fields within my list?

When you link a MailChimp account and purchase the verification, your data will sync back to your account immediately after purchase. Grades are stored in fields within your list, along with name, address, phone number, ect.

MailChimp only allows users to have 30 fields per list, so if you already have a large number of fields you may need to delete some so that we can store your verification grades and codes after performing the online email verification process. We’ll only need one field to provide you with this information. Fields can be edited within the List Database or in the Form Builder.

Edit fields within the List Database

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.

  2. Click the List drop-down menu and choose Settings.

  3. On the Settings page, select List fields and |MERGE| tags.

Making fields visible means that this information will show up in your signup form. Making them required, means that a subscriber will be required to provide you with this information when signing up for your list. Make sure you have less than 30 fields before purchasing verified list, and that neither of these are selected for “grade” after your list has been verified.

Edit fields within the Form Builder

You can also view and edit these fields through MailChimp’s Form Builder. If you use a MailChimp signup form for a purchased list, you’ll need to edit these fields in the form builder to ensure subscribers are not required to provide you with an grade when signing up for your list.

How do I update my MailChimp signup form after verification?

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