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How do I create segments in MailChimp?

When you purchase the verification results for an email list that was imported from your linked MailChimp account, they will be synced back to your MailChimp account directly, which enables you to segment your list based on these results. While we automatically create a segment that contains only the A+ and A graded email addresses, you might want to create some segments of your own, based on the mailing list cleaner results. This article will show you just how to do that, with two examples of segmenting you might find helpful.

We do not recommend sending to the ‘Accepts-All’ and to the ‘Indeterminate’ segments (the email addresses graded B and D respectively) right away - but you can attempt a re-engagement campaign to emails with an Email Assurance Grade of B and D and if any addresses in your 'Accepts-All' category are determined to be valid, you can then trickle them back into your Safe list very slowly!

Create a segment for 'Accepts - All' emails (Grade = B)

This list is not Safe to send emails to! Create a segment for the emails within your list that have an Email Assurance Grade of B. Deploy a re-engagement campaign to these emails ONLY and if they are determined to be valid and deliverable addresses, you can then trickle them back into your list slowly.

Exclude role-based and disposable addresses from your list

You might want to exclude the disposable and role-based addresses in your list. You can do that by adding two conditions to the Safe to send segment. On your list page, click on View Saved Segments, and select the Safe to send segment, then click on Edit, and then on + Add, then select datavalidation-is-disposable from the list of merge fields, and put in NOT-DI, and then repeat for the datavalidation-is-role-based field and put in NOT-RB, then make sure the Content matches ALL of the following conditions, and then click on Save And View Segment, and you're done. Now your list contains only A+ and A graded email addresses that are not role-based, and are also not disposable, based on the mailing list cleaner results.

View Saved Segments

Edit Segments

Save and View Segments

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via LiveChat, right here on the website.

From MailChimp:How can I save and use segments in my list?

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