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How do I update my MailChimp signup form after verification?

When you verify an email list using DataValidation’s email list cleaner, verification grades and codes are provided to you in your MailChimp account through the List fields.

You can view and edit these fields through MailChimp’s Form Builder, as well as through your List Database. By default, MailChimp makes all List fields visible when a subscriber signs up for your mailing list through a form. What this means, is that when people sign up for your mailing list through a form, they’ll be able to see any additional fields you have for a List, unless you make them hidden.

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.

  2. Click the list's drop-down menu and select Signup forms.

  3. Select General forms.

    By selecting General forms you can add/edit List fields and access field settings for a specific list. If you do not edit these, MailChimp will automatically include all fields within your list (including the grade field where we store Email Assurance Grades).

    What you’ll need to do is edit the fields provided within your form. Follow these steps to ensure your subscribers only see the appropriate List fields when signing up for your mailing list.

  4. Select field settings on the right side of the page, and select each field you do not want to include in your form, select “hidden” and “save field”.

  5. Make sure that all fields you DO NOT want to include in your signup form are highlighted in blue (and hidden from your form).

  6. Make sure you DO NOT delete the grade field - This is where DataValidation will store a subscriber’s Email Assurance Grade.

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