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What information is updated in my MailChimp account?

When you link a MailChimp account, you are able to select which lists you want verified by our email cleaner solution!

After purchasing the verification results for a list you imported from MailChimp, the final stage of the email cleaning process will be performed, after which the results will be automatically synced back to your MailChimp account.

What's updated in your MailChimp account

When lists are synced back, all of your original information will be re-imported in your MailChimp account, plus four columns with data that we sync back to your account. These are briefly described below:

  • datavalidation-score - contains the grade that was assigned to each email address
  • datavalidation-is-disposable - tells you if the email address is disposable (temporary) or not
  • datavalidation-is-role-based - tells you if the email address is a role-based email address or not
  • datavalidation-is-safe - tells you if an email address is safe to send to or not. Basically this column tells you if the email address was graded A+/A or not, as these are the addresses that were confirmed as valid by our system

DataValidation columns

If you cannot see the four columns described above, please click on Toggle Columns and check the corresponding checkboxes to have them displayed.

DataValidation columns

We encourage you to check our Knowledge Base article that explains the verification results in more detail.


The data we sync to your MailChimp account can be used for segmenting your list and sending your campaigns to the desired segment. First of all, we automatically create a segment within your MailChimp list, called Safe to send, which includes only the A+ and A graded email addresses, as these are the addresses that were confirmed as valid and deliverable. If you want to segment the list in a different way, you can do that. For example, you can add to the segment the addresses that are not role-based and are not disposable, and you can create separate segments for the B, D, and F graded email addresses, for your record. For more info on how to create segments in MailChimp, click here.

This way you have full control over your list in light of the verification results.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on LiveChat, or write to us at [email protected].

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