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Upload an Everything list to Constant Contact

###This article is not longer up to date, please go here.###

If you simply uploaded a Constant Contact list to the DataValidation system, rather than linking an account, you’ll need to download a list from DataValidation and upload directly to Constant Contact. In the case that a linked Constant Contact account is not automatically syncing back to your account, you can also upload an Everything list to your account manually.

First, download the list from the Email Assurance app. Click on the green download button on your list’s Report Card to download the Safe list.

Upload the Everything List directly to your Constant Contact account by logging into your account and accessing the Contacts tab on the top right. Use the Add Contacts drop-down menu to click on Add from file.

Browse for the downloaded Everything list. After choosing the Everything list for upload click Continue. You’ll need to match the Fields in your uploaded list with any current Constant Contact Fields you have saved. If you previously linked a Constant Contact account to DataValidation and had results automatically synced back, then these Fields should be saved to your Contacts.

If these fields have not been saved to your Contacts yet, you can use the drop down menus to create a new Fields. Click on Create Custom Field… in the drop-down menu and use the Field names provided by DataValidation: grade, click, open, hard, optout, complain, trap, and deceased. This subscriber-level deliverability data is what determines an address’ Email Assurance Grade.

DataValidation uses these fields to store Email Assurance Grades and Deliverability Codes for individual subscribers. If these fields are already saved, they will be available for selection when using the drop down menu.

Once your Fields have been applied, the Everything list can be added to any existing list, or uploaded by creating a new list. Most ESPs recommend having less lists, and more groups, segments, or tags for better targeting when deploying mail.

Here, we’ve added the contacts to the existing list I LOVE EMAIL. These contacts can also be tagged at the point of import.

Tags allow you to easily group people together for your own internal organization and then use that group for targeted emails. Tag contacts as Safe so that you only deploy mail to addresses with Email Assurance Grades of A+ and A.

If you’ve already created custom tags in Constant Contact, you can add an existing tag to your Everything list.

Check the status of your import by accessing the Activity tab under Contacts.

Apply a Tag to Safe Contacts

Create tags for your contacts if you have not already - This makes sending email to your Safe Contacts easy! Creating Tags for Safe addresses (those with A+ and A grades) will ensure that you’re only deploying mail to deliverable addresses.

Constant Contact’s Tags are applied to a group of people (rather than individual contacts). Create Tags by Advanced Searching all Contacts, filtering, and applying the Tag to your filtered results. Make sure you are under the Contacts tab on the left hand side of your Constant Contact dashboard and access the Advanced section on Search Contacts.

The following tags will need to be created:

Safe: A+ and A grades

Accepts All: B grades

Indeterminate: D grades

Safe Tags

Advanced Searches will use the format custom_field_1 [is] +dv_grade_A+. To create a Safe group, Advance Search your Contacts for all A+ and A results, and add the Safe Tag to all Contacts who meet this criteria.

Once your search is complete, click the top left box to select all Contacts that meet the criteria and access the Manage Tags tab. Apply the Tag to this group of people. Your Safe group is now set up and ready to receive mail!

Accepts-All Tags

Do another Advanced Search and use the format custom_field_1 [is] +dv_grade_B. To create an Accepts-All group, Advance Search your Contacts for all B results, and add the Accepts-All Tag to all Contacts who meet this criteria.

Indeterminate Tags

Do another Advanced Search and use the format custom_field_1 [is] +dv_grade_D. To create an Indeterminate group, Advance Search your Contacts for all D results, and add the Indeterminate Tag to all Contacts who meet this criteria.

Undeliverable Tags

Do another Advanced Search and use the format custom_field_1 [is] +dv_grade_F. To create an Undeliverable group, Advance Search your Contacts for all F results, and add the Undeliverable Tag to all Contacts who meet this criteria. Users with linked Constant Contact account can have F results automatically unsubscribed.

Send to Safe Contacts

To send to the Safe Contacts only, you'll need to narrow down lists when deploying a campaign. Under the Email tab on the top left of your dashboard, you'll be to create a new campaign, or access one already created. Once you're ready to send, select one (or multiple) lists to deploy your campaign to.

This is very important: You must select all Email Lists you wish to send to before narrowing them down. If not, your tag will only apply to the lists selected before the Tag was applied.

After your Email list(s) have been selected, apply the Tag Safe to your list. Your campaign will be deployed to only the Safe Contacts within your list.

If you are having trouble, or need assistance, please chat with one of our Customer Advocates.

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