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What information is updated in my MailUp account?

This article is not longer up to date, please go here.

When you link a MailUp account, all of the recipients in your account will be imported for analysis. With a linked account, you can always take advantage of Free Monitoring and monitor your list quality on an ongoing basis.

If you purchase a One-time Tuneup for a list, results will be automatically synced back to your MailUp account and the F graded emails will be unsubscribed. If you purchase the Email Assurance subscription, list maintenance will be on auto-pilot and your list will be analyzed and updated daily.

After making a purchase, results will be automatically synced back to your MailUp account.

What's updated in your MailUp account

When lists are synced back, all of your original information will be re-imported in your MailUp account. All email addresses within your list of recipients will be updated and indexed with Email Assurance Grades from your Report Card.

Email Assurance Grades can be found Contact Information. Click on Audience -> View All Contacts to access the drop down menu next to a contact’s email address. Click on ‘View this contact’s record’ to see its Email Assurance Grade. All grades will be listed in the contact field dv_grade.

Note: If you choose to auto-unsubscribe all Fs (within the DataValidation application) we'll automatically unsubscribe any new addresses with F grades for you. By checking ‘Unsubscribe F’s' (which is checked by default) email addresses given an F grade will be automatically unsubscribed from MailUp.

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