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How do I add or edit recipient fields in MailUp?

This article is not longer up to date, please go here.

Recipient fields within your MailUp account are where DataValidation stores Email Assurance Grades and deliverability data for email addresses in your account. If you linked a MailUp account and purchase, we’ll automatically create a field for you to store an Email Assurance Grade. If you want to store Deliverability Codes as well, you’ll need to upload an Everything list.

What do the codes in my Email Assurance Report mean?

Before uploading an Everything list to MailUp you’ll need to set up recipient fields to store Email Assurance Grades and subscriber-level Deliverability Codes.

Click on Settings -> Account Settings -> Recipient Fields in the left-hand menu to access custom fields. Here, you’ll be able to view all fields you currently have saved and add new fields.

Click on ‘Add’ to add a new field. If you have previously linked a MailUp account and had results automatically synced back to MailUp, then you should already have a field named dv_grade . If not, you’ll need to create this field first.

Create fields named grade, click, open, hard, optout, complain, trap, and deceased . These fields will hold subscriber-level deliverability data from DataValidation. Once fields are created, you’re ready to upload an Everything list.

How do I upload an Everything List to my MailUp account?

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